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Cellar Masters Crafts Custom-Designed Wine Storage

Excited about our new article in this month’s Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine, “Cellar Masters Crafts Custom-Designed Wine Storage”

When Jeff Shumway purchased his new Lake Sherwood home, it had everything he wanted—except for a place to store his extensive treasured wine collection.

Enter Cellar Masters and Owner Scott Berry, a Newbury Park-based fully bonded and licensed contractor specializing in the design, construction, and installation of climate-controlled custom wine cellars and wine storage solutions to fit each client’s unique space.

Serving Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange and Riverside Counties since 1990, Cellar Masters has installed thousands of custom wine cellars throughout California and greater North America. From traditional wine cellars made from the finest quality woods and cut to precision to sleek and elegant contemporary wine cellars designed with frameless glass, acrylic and stainless steel, Cellar Masters works with clients to create the perfect wine storage and displays.

In Jeff’s case, “We had a blank wall and wanted to turn it into a wine wall.”

After an initial site visit and a discussion about Jeff’s vision, Scott and the Cellar Masters’ team designed a wine wall to fit the unique space.

“The house is very modern, so we went with a very contemporary wine wall in his dining room that is both beautiful and very functional to meet his needs,” says Scott, who designed, built and installed Jeff’s custom 732-bottle glass-enclosed wine feature into the dining room wall, blending contemporary and traditional elements balancing capacity and aesthetic.

“The combination of cork views and label view pins display some of the homeowner’s favorites with walnut cladding wood case storage below and with three sliding glass doors access,” notes Scott.

“It’s beautiful and I get lots of comments about it,” says Jeff, adding, “Cellar Masters was great to work with. They did everything they said they were going to do, and the process was very enjoyable. We had a good collaboration of putting together what we had in mind. It worked out great and the work and construction that went on was relatively quick; they did a good job of keeping it isolated. It was a smooth experience done in a timely manner and it turned out great. I would definitely recommend it!”

Designing a myriad of wine cellars, from full basements or rooms to spaces within closets, under stairs or on empty walls, Cellar Masters employs their experience and knowledge to ensure the quality of every custom creation.

“We know the proper handling, storage and organization of wine. This expertise is an unrivaled asset in the design and construction of your cellar,” notes Scott, who shares a passion about wine with his clients.

As the principals at Cellar Masters are actively involved as vineyard owners, winemakers and avid wine collectors, “We understand and appreciate our clients’ passion for wine because we have the same passion,” says Scott, who grew up around wine on his aunt and uncle’s vineyard in Mendocino County.

“We are seeing more wine features in the living space—wine is social and it is best when shared with others. A wine cellar or wine wall provides a showcase for folks to share their wine,” says Scott, noting the trend to bring wine out of the traditional basement or cellar and into the dining room and kitchen or closer to the bar, where people congregate while entertaining. “The wine feature becomes kind of a statement piece.”

Whether storing 100 or 1,000 bottles, Cellar Masters helps clients design the wine cellar of their dreams.