This Gorgeous wine cellar in Beverly Park features a view from the cigar lounge above looking down upon a one-of-a-kind round acrylic centerpiece.


A stunning 732-bottle glass-enclosed wine feature built into the dining room wall blends contemporary and traditional elements balancing capacity and aesthetic. Walnut cladding, cork view, and label view pins, wood case storage with sliding glass doors.


Who says they don’t have space for a wine feature? Traditional white oak lowers with label view pins mounted on white oak chevron.


This ultra-contemporary,  eye-catching walk-in wine cellar is constructed with clear acrylic and stainless steel.   Features dot-less LED lights for a clean, modern look and holds 780 bottles.


Would you believe this wine cellar holds more than 1,450 bottles?  With a footprint of only 5 1/2 feet deep and 14 feet wide, this elegant glass door enclosed wine feature makes efficient use of space and creates a fantastic view of your collection displayed from the dining room. Definitely, a conversation starter when guests are over for dinner. Walnut racking provides a beautiful contrast against the limestone stacked stone wall.


A Contemporary bar area featuring label view pins on back-lit oak panels with floating shelves over traditional oak racks including case storage


This beautiful custom-built walnut wine cabinet with wrought iron detail on the doors holds 200 bottles.